Publication Date

Spring 4-25-2014


College of Arts and Sciences; School of Communication


Family and Consumer Sciences; Theatre: Production


Costuming; Costume Designer; Theatre; Fashion


Theatre and Performance Studies


Creating a believable illusion through costume design is a very important aspect in a theatrical production. Every production in theater is the culmination of a collaboration of creative individuals who each have a very explicit role to play. Part of the success of a production depends on set designers, lighting coordinators, directors, producers, props masters, actors, etc. The idea is to create a believable new world that relates to the audience. The costume designer’s job is to use all of the tools that are within their grasp to both research the best option for costuming and to actually construct the costumes. In order to do this, they must conduct research while working with the needs of the production team and the constraints that their products place on the costumes. The relationship between research, construction tools, and the abilities of creative peers gives the costume designer all that is needed to help define the characters in a production. All of these tools are used by the costume designer to polish off the character which helps to ensure the audience’s correct interpretation of a production.