Publication Date

Spring 2013

Primary Subject Area

Computer Science; Engineering, System Science


Software, Life Cycle, Development, Programming, Computer Science


This project will endeavor to replicate the "cradle-to-grave" software engineering life cycle development process. This process takes a software project through many stages of existence, from requirements gathering to software design, coding, testing, and maintenance. In this thesis we apply this process to a character creation program, which will be constructed for a client to facilitate the design of his tabletop roleplaying game.

Over the course of developing this software, contact was maintained with the client, but difficulties were encountered in the form of shifting requirements as he refined and modified his as-yet unfinished game rules. Without regular communication, these changes would not have been adequately reflected in the final work. It was also observed that while testing is often an afterthought tacked onto the end of the development process, keeping it in mind during early stages of development makes its final implementation much easier. Due to technical difficulties in combination with the aforementioned shifting requirements, the software itself remains in development.