Publication Date

Spring 4-19-2013


College of Arts and Sciences


Nursing (B.S.N.)

Primary Subject Area

Health Sciences, Nursing


racial discrimination, healthcare, race-related discrimination, healthcare disparities, cultural discrimination


Medical Education | Nursing | Public Health and Community Nursing


The purpose of this thesis is to review the overarching purpose of healthcare, examine race-related disparities in minority patient outcomes within specific fields of medical practice, and discuss whether these disparities are the result of racial discrimination within the clinical setting, or are due at least partially to genetic and environmental factors, followed by an examination of how cross-cultural education for healthcare professionals can be improved to equip medical personnel with the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to provide effective care to a culturally diverse patient populace. The benefits of recruiting a culturally and linguistically diverse team of healthcare providers are also discussed. Review of literature seems to indicate that poor patient outcomes for minority groups are due at least in part to forms of discrimination in healthcare provision, and therefore academic initiatives to implement for current and future medical practitioners in order to address current racial disparities and discrimination in healthcare and improve health outcomes for minority patients are also examined.