Publication Date

Spring 4-17-2009


College of Arts and Sciences


Psychology: Clinical/Experimental

Primary Subject Area

Psychology, Clinical


homesexual, sexual identity, same-sex attraction, christian counseling


Clinical Psychology | Counseling Psychology | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


Currently, homosexual identity development is discussed through various models: stage model theory and milestone events. Different researchers propose their own models of homosexual identity development. These models may have different stages, but have the same underlying themes which are acceptance, attitude changes, frequent disclosure, and increased social contact with other homosexuals. There was a great need to develop an appropriate measure of homosexuality to be used by the Student Care Office at Liberty University. The measure could be used to asses and obtain a preliminary measure of incidence of the people who met our criteria for being included in the study. An assessment was created that contains 19 items assessing the two subscales: Sexual Identity Confusion and Sexual Identity Decision.