Publication Date

Spring 4-23-2024


School of Aeronautics


Aviation: Aviation Administration


Urban Air Mobility, UAM, Aviation Safety, Commercial Aviation, Rotorcraft, Unmanned Aerial Systems, UAS, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, Concept of Operations, ConOps, Autonomy, Safety Management Systems


Aviation Safety and Security | Management and Operations | Transportation and Mobility Management


This paper focused on safety considerations in Urban Air Mobility (UAM) through a cross-industry examination of commercial aviation, rotorcraft, and unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Although UAM promises transformative benefits, there are safety concerns remaining. Based on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s Concept of Operations (ConOps), the literature review explained the fundamental concepts of UAM. In commercial aviation, regulatory framework, pilot training and certification, vehicle design and maintenance, and emergency response planning are emphasized. For rotorcraft, safety requirements for vertical flight, collision avoidance systems, heliport standards, and weather adaptability are crucial. Leveraging UAS advancements, the study suggested autonomous systems, sense-and-avoid technology, and remote piloting for enhanced safety in the UAM sector.