Publication Date

Spring 5-2023


School of Visual and Performing Arts


Cinematic Arts


film, cinema, shot composition, genre


Film Production


I am fascinated by the composition of shots in movies, specifically as it applies to the various different genres. However, there seems to be a lack of research into this particular area of the theory of composition. In that case, I am planning to research the history and theory of shot composition as it applies to films throughout the history of film and into modern times. This will be supplemented by my own experience in the Fall of 2022 where I will be a Director of Photography for four individual films of varying genres as well as by a film I wrote and directed with a focus on the horror/thriller genre that will serve as a kind of case study for my research. I plan to include stills of my work and excerpts from the script, supplemented by a commentary on the shot composition of those particular scenes, as my creative thesis.