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School of Health Sciences


Zoology; Forensic Science


non-human DNA, forensic DNA analysis


Other Genetics and Genomics | Other Life Sciences


DNA is present in every living organism on Earth. DNA is also present in a few non-living biological agents such as DNA-containing viruses, and is additionally unique to particular groups of organisms and often even to individuals. This characteristic allows DNA to be quite useful in forensic investigations. This study takes an in-depth look at the forensic use of non-human DNA. DNA analysis is a key component of many forensic investigations, but the majority of these analyses are focused on human DNA. This review examines the ways in which non-human DNA can be useful to forensic investigations. The various unique characteristics of non-human DNA will also be investigated. Finally, the protocols of various parts of the analysis process will be described. Non-human DNA requires alterations to be made in most steps in the DNA analysis process. Customizations in the areas of collection, handling, storage, extraction, and amplification will be assessed.