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School of Divinity


Global Studies


Sabbath, longevity, vocational, global, ministry


Sabbath is a scripturally mandated pattern that was established by God in Genesis and continues to be practiced in vocational ministry, global ministry and in society as a whole. In past ethnographic research, there is a correlation between practice of Sabbath and a simultaneous decrease of attrition and increase of effectivity of ministry in global work. The same impact of Sabbath practice is also found for those in vocational ministry. The question is how the practice of Sabbath impacts the ministry and longevity of vocational ministry work. By partaking in Sabbath practice, both weekly and longer periods of sabbatical, rates of burnout and attrition decrease, and the effectivity of ministry increases. A connection was found between practice of Sabbath (whether on the mission field or vocationally in the States) and more efficient overall ministry.