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One of the many ways Disney is a successful organization is because of the effective use of marketing. For Disney to be able to have effective marketing tactics within the entire target audience, market segmentation must take place. A prevalent segment within Disney’s target market is children ages 2-10. There are differences in emotional maturity and interests throughout this age range which requires Disney to start the process of segmentation. Many factors that encompass the process of segmentation are attitudes, interests, and opinions that define this segment. These factors also need to be taken into consideration when marketing to parents because of the role of purchasing power. Disney’s marketing success stems from many different platforms they have been able to use such as digital, social, and traditional media to advertise to multiple different segments. The success of Disney’s marketing strategies has been translated into the franchises Disney has established, which has led to marketing success for children ages 2-10. Disney’s marketing strategies attract young audiences and bring these same individuals back to the Disney brand.