Doctoral Dissertations

An Analysis of the Correleation Between the Christian Education Context of The Local Church and the Biblical Wowrldview of High School Students

David Scott Rutletdge

Document Type Article


The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine whether a significant relationship exists between the Christian education context of the local church and the Biblical worldview of high school students. This investigation assessed the Biblical worldviews of senior high school students who have basic knowledge of Christianity but different levels of involvement in church-based Christian education. The study used the PEERS Worldview Test and compared students' scores to their self-reported involvement in the main worship services, Sunday school classes, and youth services of their churches and their parents' church attendance. The results showed little to no correlation between church attendance and the Biblical worldviews of the students in this study. No statistically significant correlation was found between students' attendance at main worship services, youth services, or Sunday school classes or the church attendance of students' parents and the students' Biblical worldview scores on the PEERS Worldview Test.