School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Kathie Morgan


Adversity, Armed Conflict, Langi, Northern Uganda, Resilience, Valuing Education


African Languages and Societies | Education | Other Education | Women's Studies


This study explored the Northern Ugandan Langi mothers' regard for education in the aftermath of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) conflict and occupation and in the on-going experience of adversity. As both targets and victims of LRA savagery, the Langi and Acholi people have endured over 22 years of war, displacement, and devastation. This phenomenological study specifically identified 9 Langi mothers who were survivors of LRA perpetrated atrocities and live today in adverse village environments. The study used guided interviews and art with storytelling/narrative to elicit a rich, thick, essence of lived experience and to answer the question: How have the experiences of adversity influenced the Northern Ugandan mothers' regard for education and their roles in their children's education? This study's findings revealed themes of resilience in relationship to adversities associated with LRA attacks and IDP camp life. The findings also revealed themes of regard for or valuing of education as demonstrated by the mothers' determination to raise funds for their children's education. Arguments are made for the connection of adversity and valuing of education.