June 2008


Clarence C Holland

Primary Subject Area

Education, Higher


distance learning, internet, survey, traditional class


Abstract Melinda Kushniroff. AN EXAMINATION AND SURVEY OF USER SATISFACTION WITH INTERNET-BASED LEARNING COMPARED TO TRADITIONAL CLASSROOM-BASED LEARNING. (Under the direction of Dr. Clarence Holland) School of Education, April, 2008. Although some research has been done in the internet-based learning discipline, user satisfaction with internet-based classes compared to traditional classroom-based learning requires more attention and research due to the substantial and continued growth in this area. During the 2007 Fall semester, 720 university undergraduate students, internet-based and traditional classroom-based, were randomly sampled with the only requirement that the students be participating in at least one internet class and one traditional classroom-based learning during that same period. Student Course Evaluation Responses to the research questions were obtained with the answers anonymously submitted. Additionally, invitations were e-mailed to other participants such as faculty who have taught or were currently teaching internet and traditional classroom-based learning, university internet-based learning administration, and university internet-based learning technology management and additional students to complete the survey. The results of the study were based upon the opinions of the respondents and suggested that internet-based learning, when set up and administered correctly, is as an effective methodology of learning for individuals as compared to the traditional classroom-based learning. Suggestions for further research are also included.