School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


James Swezey


grounded theory, home schooling, leadership, qualitative, transformational, worldview


Education | Educational Leadership | Educational Methods


The purpose of this systematic, qualitative, grounded theory study is to describe the process of leadership development by describing conscious, subconscious, and intrinsic behaviors in second-generational home schooling students as transferred from first- generation home school parents in the Central Texas area. Through interviews, observations, and survey results of second-generational home schooled students, their parents, and others in authority over the second-generational students, this research explores how these children demonstrate transformational leadership skills. Taking responsibility for their own education, pursuing part-time jobs, caring for siblings, attending political and social events represent a few of the activities that provided leadership development. Family vision, communicated to the children, provided a framework for leadership development and transfer. The theory, grounded in the data, can be stated: Organic leadership development permeated home schooling families in Central Texas as parents transferred leadership through home environments intentionally grounded in Christian worldview, structured within a framework of freedom, and dedicated to producing transformational leadership in their children. A model, Homes of Developing Leaders, further exemplifies the theory.