School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Casey Reason

Primary Subject Area

Education, Secondary; Education, Teacher Training; Education, Sociology of; Education, General; Education, Administration


Behavior Management, Classroom Management, Demographic Variables, High School Teachers, Instructional Management, Middle School Teachers


Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Methods | Teacher Education and Professional Development


Although teachers implement differentiated instructional techniques to provide students with enriching hands-on activities related to real life experiences, the implementation of instructional techniques has required teachers to rethink and revise their approaches to classroom management (CM). While a gap in research exists on current practices in the field of instructional and behavior management, empirical research is needed to understand the many facets involved with CM. The purpose of this correlation and causal-comparative study is to identify whether relationships exist between the demographic variables (gender, education degree, years of teaching experience, and school assignment) and CM practices used by a group of certified public middle school and high school teachers in more than two rural school districts in Georgia. Using a demographic questionnaire and the Behavior and Instructional Management Scale, the target population for this study includes 220 full time certified middle school and high school teachers.