A Systematic Approach To Exploring, Exposing, and Combating The Silent Killers

Kevin Church, Liberty University

Document Type Article


The attached project is based upon investigations and gathered statistics while employed, visiting and housed within the following communities within the United States: the United States Army, the St. Luke Mayo Clinic & Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, the Jacksonville and Gainesville Florida Veteran Administration Hospitals and surrounding homeless communities. These communities also include the Johns Hopkins Medical and Education Systems, as well as the downtown homeless community ("tent city") of Baltimore, Maryland. Furthermore, this project also utilized information gathered from Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Casualties of War Comrades, Washington, D.C. , the University of Virginia Health System and the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Chaplain Resident; Charlottesville, Virginia., and PACEM Homeless Shelter of Charlottesville, Virginia. Utilizing these and other scholarly research, this project reviews the causes of homelessness, especially among the American veteran population. Furthermore, it takes a detailed look at several successful programs throughout the country that have been established to combat homelessness. It then utilizes this information and formulates a unique methodology, providing information and step-by-step instructions on how to set up and run a successful, God-centered program that identifies and addresses the full spectrum of needs that homeless veterans face. This will be done through the establishment of Saving Our Homeless Veterans & Comrades, Inc. (SOHV&C, Inc.).