School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


John J Pantana

Primary Subject Area

Education, General; Education, Higher; Education, Religious; Sociology, General; Gender Studies


gender, MVPI, values, worldview


Education | Educational Sociology | Gender and Sexuality | Quantitative, Qualitative, Comparative, and Historical Methodologies | Religion


There has been debate over generally accepted values, not only in the context of education, but also within the context of those who are considered people of faith. This study is an investigation to determine if there are any differences between the two contexts, with responses being drawn from students enrolled in a required introductory university course on the campus of a Christian university. The variables of this study will be gender and ethnicity, giving a picture of student values, prior to being influenced by university pedagogy. A survey was made available by Hogan Assessments, self-titled as Motives, Values Preferences Inventory (MVPI). This convenience sampling was surveyed in the early fall of the 2010 semester. The survey was administered online and was made available to 3,000 freshmen, with 289 responding. The study showed no significant differences with the variable of ethnicity which would answer Research Question 3 but there were some significant differences with the gender variable.