School of Nursing


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Candi Payne


nurse manager, turnover, training sessions, needs assessment, competency framework




The need to retain nursing managers is at an all-time high. The turnover rate for a local xxxxxxxxxx (removed to protect privacy) healthcare system is 14% post pandemic compared to 8% pre-pandemic. The nursing management team reported a need for nursing specific management orientation because the current training included all organizational supervisors and covered general concepts, failing to meet the complex needs of frontline nursing managers. Literature confirms that organizations that provide nursing management training develop role competency have higher satisfaction and lower turnover rates. An organizational-specific needs assessment designed within the American Organization of Nursing Leadership competency framework was administered to frontline nurse managers and assistant nurse managers. Training sessions were conducted for the four highest training topics by subject matter experts. The training experience included interactive dialogue during each presentation. All participants were invited to participate in a nine-question, post training session survey to evaluate effectiveness. The target group was nursing management with two or less years of experience in their current role. The quasi-experimental pilot study results confirmed the effectiveness of the evidence-based intervention of nursing management training sessions. The individual and cumulative training session evaluations showed 100% satisfaction. The turnover rate goal was to reduce to 11% during the intervention quarter, and the result was 4.35%, indicating a benefit in providing frontline nursing managers with focused training to support their role. Absolute project success cannot be determined until further review is conducted at the end of the fiscal year.

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