Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Seth A. Bible


discipleship, spiritual disciplines, prayer, worship, Holy Spirit, early childhood, kingdom


Education | Religion


The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine the spiritual practices of early childhood teachers at Kingdom Collegiate Academies Early Childhood Program at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church. The research study was designed to develop a professional training program to increase staff effectiveness and alignment with the Spirit of the Ministry traits at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church. The program was delivered through a biblically based discipleship and Spirit of the Ministry training program. Through the Bible study, each trait was examined and discussed to solicit adherence to the various traits. During the study, early childhood teachers grew in their understanding that biblical knowledge and spiritual disciplines formed the foundation for a holistic worldview of discipleship. The literature review supports the various themes taught throughout the Bible study to the early childhood teachers. A focus on Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of Moral development and James Fowler stages of faith development provide context to the spiritual development of children through adulthood. The design of the research included a discipleship survey and questionnaires. Each instrument provided information, yet more specific research on the effects of the Bible study with the participants needs further exploration. The Bible study, daily devotions, and prayer served a purpose in supporting each teacher in their development for a deeper relationship with Christ and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. The findings indicate the impact of the Bible study on early childhood teachers and the degree for continuous professional and spiritual growth development in discipleship.