School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Karen L Parker

Primary Subject Area

Education, Reading


phonological processing, fluency, decoding, reading disability, repeated oral reading, neurological impress method


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Other Education


Rx for Discovery Reading® is an intervention developed by the National Institute for Learning Development to impact the reading abilities of students below grade level in reading. The program was designed to address every area of reading acquisition, but, for this study, the areas of phonological processing, decoding, and fluency were investigated using pre- and post-test scores from the KTEA-II, GORT, and DIBELS. The problem studied was whether Rx for Discovery Reading® would raise the mean standard scores in the three areas at the conclusion of the field test. Using a small-group format, twenty-nine students who were not on grade level in reading according to the most recent annual achievement test were involved in the intervention for fifty forty-five minute sessions over one school year. Eight NILD educational therapists in a variety of geographical areas in the United States and Canada implemented the intervention, working with a group of four students each. At the conclusion of the field test, the data were examined, and it was discovered that the students participating in the Rx for Discovery Reading® program had significantly higher post-test standard scores than the pre-test standard scores in the reading abilities of phonological processing, decoding and fluency. These results demonstrate that this intervention may contribute greatly in enabling students become more proficient readers, overcoming a reading deficit. Further study is encouraged to ascertain the impact of the program on the reading areas of vocabulary and comprehension.