School of Nursing


Doctor of Philosophy


Rachel Joseph


qualitative, phenomenology, undergraduate nursing education, nutrition, transfer of learning, confidence, barriers, interdisciplinary collaboration


Nursing | Nutrition


This descriptive phenomenological qualitative study aimed to gain insight into the nurse’s lived experience of transferring nutrition knowledge to patients. Nurses play an important role in assisting the patient to become more proficient in health and nutrition literacy to make proper choices related to their nutrition. It is necessary to evaluate the lived experience of the nurse in transferring nutrition knowledge to patients. There is a gap in the literature on nurses’ experience in providing nutrition knowledge to their patients. This descriptive phenomenological qualitative study examines the lived experience of nurses in transferring nutrition education to their patients. This was done through recorded, semi-structured interviews with 10 registered nurse participants, completed via video conferencing software. The data were then analyzed through open coding and theme identification. Judd’s theory of generalized experience was used as a guide to this study. Data analysis found three main themes in this study: confidence, barriers, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Despite nurses feeling confident in their ability to transfer nutrition education to patients, they often face barriers. In order to overcome the barriers they often use the interdisciplinary team to ensure completion of the needed nutritional care of the patients they serve.