School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Deanna L. Keith

Primary Subject Area

Gender Studies; Education, General


boys, literacy, middle school, reading


Education | Educational Sociology


This qualitative study investigated what current middle school boys are reading. The purpose of this study was to gain information that would aid educators in providing those reading materials and communicating with male students concerning their reading habits. Six middle school males were chosen for this study, which utilized a phenomenological approach to capture individual experiences. Results showed that boys do read, but they often read materials which educators do not generally accept as valid reading material, such as magazines. Boys often do not view themselves as readers. Males enjoy books with a lot of action and prefer to observe other males' choices of books instead of explicitly receiving or making recommendations. Boys also like to choose their own reading materials. Males learn differently from females and may need to be taught in different environments or taught reading at a later age. Boys usually require more action and movement than girls, and this must be incorporated when educators teach males. Future studies could focus on how the male brain works and how males learn. Future researchers could also study the effectiveness of a reading teacher who works with male students who have reading deficiencies and/or who state that they dislike reading.