School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Thomas Goddard


curriculum, marching percussion, teaching, percussion, methods course, standards




The typical instrumental music education major at the university level is required to take hours of methods courses on each of the standard instrument families. These courses are too broad to fit into the timeline of a semester and degree path. Many of these courses include the vast array of techniques and pedagogy that the percussion family includes. Percussion students must learn proper techniques for an infinite number of instruments. This task can be challenging to non-percussionists. This qualitative study examines the existing percussion curriculum at major universities within the state of Georgia as well as the perspectives of new music teachers on their preparedness to teach percussion students. While percussion pedagogy is the focus, this study emphasizes the selection of proper equipment and materials included in the course curriculum. The results of this qualitative study provide a clearer picture of what percussion techniques and pedagogical concepts are being taught to perspective music educators. This study also provides insight into how prepared to teach percussion students new teachers feel once they have completed their respective degree programs. The findings of this study will guide the development of a percussion methods course curriculum that will better equip future music educators to develop successful percussion students within their instrumental music program.

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