School of Education


Doctor of Philosophy


Joanne Gilbreath


grit, social media addiction, quantitative analysis, mental health, student success




This quantitative study explored the relationship between grit and social media. Researchers have noted a significant increase in the use of social media among college students that often results in negative outcomes, both personally and academically. Previous studies have shown that grit is a trait that negatively relates to various types of addictive behavior. However, little is known about the correlation between grit and social media addiction specifically. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between grit and social media addiction. This study collected data from the student populations of three private colleges and followed a correlational design. The sample of 158 participants were enrolled in on-campus or online courses and responded to an online survey through Survey Monkey. Participants provided basic demographic information and completed the 8-item Grit-S scale and 6-item Bergen Social Media Addiction Scale. The researcher analyzed this data to determine the strength of the correlation between these variables using the Pearson correlation. The result of this study revealed a significant negative correlation between the variables. This research will benefit school administrators, parents, and policymakers seeking to be successful in their academic endeavors. Future researchers can expand on these findings by exploring this correlation among other populations as well as conducting longitudinal studies that could establish if those who are at risk of addictions develop them later in life.

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