Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Education in Christian Leadership (EdD)


Gary Bredfeldt


Ministry, Business, Theology of Work, Integration, discipleship, church-based discipleship, secular-sacred divide, Clergy-laity divide, marketplace ministry, business leader, entrepreneur


Educational Leadership | Leadership Studies


Can ministry and business be integrated within the church so there can be a positive impact in the church and community by business leaders understanding their unique calling in furthering the gospel? This descriptive qualitative multi-case research explored whether business and ministry can be integrated through a church-based business leader discipleship programs that will result in the furthering and sharing of the gospel. Churches with a discipleship program specifically for business leaders in the church and the business leaders who participated in the programs were interviewed to determine if there is a correlation between participating in a discipleship program and sharing and furthering the gospel. The research questions sought to determine the perceived influence of the church-based business leader discipleship program on the business leaders in their calling, spiritual formation, church growth, community involvement, and sharing the gospel. Data was collected from four business and ministry leaders through personal interviews. The participants also contributed documents and digital sources relating to the research. This research will hopefully be used to help motivate pastors, clergy, theologians, educators, and ministry leaders to see the need to develop and launch a church-based discipleship program, as well as for business leaders to see the benefits of joining a business leadership discipleship program.