School of Education


Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)


Denise Nixon


Intersectionality theory, higher education, predominantly White institutions, African American, women, recruitment, retention, mentoring, diversity


Educational Leadership


This qualitative phenomenological approach aims to understand the perceptions and lived experiences of African-American female faculty at predominantly White institutions and the strategies used to overcome barriers. The theory guiding this study is intersectionality theory, introduced by Kimberlè Crenshaw, discovering the multilayers of discrimination that women face and providing a template to encourage antidiscrimination. This theory adequately addresses the focus of this inquiry because it highlights the discrimination often experienced by African-American female faculty and the experiences of various individuals from the targeted population. This study's methodology was based on interviews with different African-American female faculty at predominantly White institutions. These interviews will include research questions specifically designed to capture the experiences of each participant. The interviews will be captured through virtual meetings with the participants. The results from the virtual calls will be used in data collection efforts to record the actual participant's experiences. The interviews and surveys from each participant will be used to form the analysis and apply theories based on the participants’ responses. I will be using descriptive statistics as part of my data analysis.