School of Education


Doctor of Philosophy


Shanna Nicole Baker


faculty, diversity, higher education, equity


Educational Leadership


The purpose of this collective case study was to describe higher education faculty’s experience with recruitment and retention through the university hiring process and to discover the equity standards of the phenomenon for higher education institutions. The importance of recruitment and retention of diverse faculty within higher education institutions is imperative for the health of the institution and will assist in furthering diversity initiatives for faculty recruitment that will enable better student experiences. The theory guiding this study was critical race theory (CRT) that was initially intended to be used in the legal field. However, CRT has been used in education to identify issues of equity and racial bias. CRT in education can help identify and uncover racism and help identify equity issues. Data collection occurred through surveys, interviews, and document analysis. In order to establish and build themes, the collected data was transcribed and analyzed, and four themes emerged. The themes were: diverse faculty hiring; diverse faculty recruitment supporting and representing the student population; diversity being welcomed and wanted; and diversity in administration. These themes correlated to the literature and were supported by CRT.