School of Education


Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)


Tracey Pritchard


Academic innovation, academic achievement, parental involvement, and learning


Educational Leadership


This applied study was aimed at solving the problem of inadequate parental involvement at Catholic middle schools in Houston, Texas. A multi-method design was used to address the problem. Interviews, focus groups, and surveys with educators and parents of learners in Catholic middle schools in Houston, Texas were utilized to solve the problem. The main question that guided this study was, “How can the problem of inadequate Igbo parental involvement in middle schools be solved at Catholic schools in Houston, Texas?” The researcher analyzed data for codes and themes from the interviews and focus groups and used descriptive statistics for analyzing survey data to identify relevant interventions. The applied research findings showed that there was low parental involvement in Catholic middle schools in Houston, Texas. The parents indicated that busy schedules and competing needs reduced their time to participate in their children`s education. Notably, educators identified giving interactive assignments, encouraging parents to participate in school activities, constant communication, and collaborative efforts can enhance parental involvement. Keywords: Academic intervention, academic achievement, parental involvement, and learning.