School of Education


Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)


Denise Nixon


inclusion, teacher training, teacher support, teacher perceptions, teacher attitudes




The purpose of this transcendental phenomenological study will be to describe the experiences regarding the training and support concerning inclusionary practices for elementary school teachers at the BWC school. The theory guiding this study is Bandura’s social cognitive theory as it focuses on how adults learn through observation, receiving immediate feedback, and putting their skills into practice through enactive and vicarious learning experiences. Twelve participants will be selected for this study, from a rural elementary school located in the northeastern United States. Respondents will be comprised of 6 general education teachers and 6 special education teachers, who have experience teaching core content areas. Data collection will employ triangulation of data, with me collecting data from individual interviews, focus groups, and a visual representation activity. Epoché and horizontalization of data will follow, grouping statements into themes, while removing any overlapping and repetitive statements. NVivo will be used to code data, allowing me to develop textural accounts of the experience, followed by constructing structural descriptions and incorporating textures and structures into the meanings and essences of the perceptions of respondents. All findings will be composed into a narrative to show participant experiences.

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