School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Thomas A. Seel


Georgia Baptists, Worship, Biblical


Liturgy and Worship | Music


Despite worship training, many leaders in Georgia Baptist churches struggle to combine music styles cohesively to produce biblical worship. Because of the musical “worship wars” regarding traditional, contemporary, and blended styles, many leaders encounter congregations that lack an understanding of blended worship that marries varied music styles. Guided by survey findings of Georgia Baptist music leaders, this qualitative research case study may identify challenges leaders face concerning stylistic music selections while striving to achieve biblical worship. By evaluating the educational and training process and biblical content, the methodological selection of music can be assessed through this study as documented worship patterns in Georgia Baptist churches. A collection of respondents surveyed throughout the state will be reviewed to demonstrate the variety of music styles in worship employed in Georgia Baptist churches. The results can better understand how song selection may affect biblical worship. This work is essential because current trends suggest that training for worship leaders should include theological influences and varied song selection instruction for biblically blended worship. The findings of this study may encourage worship leaders to have other styles in song selection that they may otherwise avoid. The results may warrant the intentional inclusion of unfamiliar elements and patterns of worship that honor God, biblically and theologically. Moreover, church volunteers and undergraduate students may benefit from the coursework provided due to this case study.