School of Behavioral Sciences


Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD)


Rebecca Lindsey


workplace environment, regression analysis, quantitative, survey, stress, well-being, religious beliefs, stigma, mental health, effort-reward imbalance model




Individuals within the workplace experience stressors that can negatively impact their health long term if not effectively managed. The level of stress within the workplace environment, religious beliefs, and mental health stigma may affect employees differently in their openness to receive mental health services. Research lacks data to understand the gap between employees struggling with mental health and unused, available resources in organizations. Most current research focuses on implementing mental health interventions, with the highest number of studies focusing on police officers' and nurses' experiences. This study was a quantitative, correlational study to gather participants with prior work experience of at least three years at more than one job. It investigated the relationship, if any, between an employee's level of stress within their workplace environment, religious beliefs, and stigma perception of mental health with the moderating effect of the dependent variable--an employee's openness to seek mental health services. This research used the following scales to gather data about the relationship between the dependent and independent variables: a Shortened Stress Evaluation Tool (Faragher et al., 2004), Self-Stigma of Seeking Help Scale (Vogel et al., 2006), Religious World Views Measure (Goplen & Plant, 2015) and the Stigma-9 Questionnaire (Gierk et al., 2018). This research used a regression analysis to interpret the data through SPSS. This study found a medium positive correlation between religious beliefs and workplace stress, a medium negative correlation between religious beliefs and stigma perception, and a relationship between stigma perception and openness to seek out mental health services. This study brings information that can result in relevant resources based on the findings of an employee's workplace environment and education about mental health resources.

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