Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Education in Christian Leadership (EdD)


Donald Bosch


Classical Leadership Theories, Christian Education, Christian Leadership, Leadership, Leadersophy, Leadersopher, Grounded Theory


Christianity | Leadership Studies


A central aim of the research study was for colleges and universities that prepare Christian ministry leaders for ministry in the twenty-first century to include classical leadership theories education in order to meet the growing demand for equipping Christian ministry leaders of the future for success (Kessler & Kretszchmar, 2015). The research findings overwhelmingly suggested that there is a direct link between classical leadership theories education and Christian ministry leaders’ success. All of the characteristics, skills, talents, and attributes identified through receiving classical leadership theories education shifts the emphasis away from what the Christian ministry leader knows in his head verses knowing how to utilize what is learned through classical leadership theories education to be successful as a Christian ministry leader. The descriptive and diverse experiences reported in the email interview protocol by Christian ministry leaders helped to uncover and develop the four emergent themes. The researcher attempted to solve a problem of contemporary Christian education by utilizing the qualitative grounded theory research design by suggesting a model that incorporated training in classical leadership theories education for Christian ministry leader’s success. The researcher observed that the research study would have been less effective without the email interview protocol included in the research design. These research study results were critical and relevant for establishing the foundation of creating the opportunity to bridge the gap between Christian ministry leadership theories education and Christian ministry leader’s success. Future research could potentially include expanding the research population to broaden the overall research study results.