School of Behavioral Sciences


Doctor of Education in Community Care and Counseling (EdD)


Joseph A. Torres


female Veterans, reintegration, feminist, relational-cultural theory, PSS14, SWLS, M2C-Q


Counseling | Social Work


The United States military service members dedicate a period of their lives, some their entire life, to protecting and upholding the United States Constitution. While the United States military service members go through many transitions throughout their military career, all but their transition to civilian life include mentors and have a step-by-step action plan or checklist to prepare them for their next position or move. Often, female Veterans and their needs during reintegration into civilian life are overlooked. The purpose of this research study aimed to examine the relationships between perceived stress, satisfaction with life, and reintegration into civilian life for United States female Veterans. The study utilized feminist theory through the critical theory lens and relational-cultural theory (RCT). Data was collected through an anonymous, online survey via SurveyMonkey. The sample consisted of 155 female Veterans. Feminist theory and RCT focus on connections and relationships that guided this study to find whether relationships between female Veterans' reintegration into civilian life were perceived with stress and their level of satisfaction with life. The results indicated that United States female Veterans struggle with reintegration into civilian life with increased perceived stress and reduced feelings of satisfaction with their lives. Based on the research results from this study, additional research is recommended. Future research would benefit from utilizing a mixed-method approach incorporating qualitative and quantitative methods to better understand female Veterans' unique needs.