Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Scott Morter


financial capability, financial satisfaction, financial knowledge, financial education




In 2018 a national survey was conducted of 27,091 participants designed to gauge financial capability. While the survey revealed that financial education matters, there is a gap between those with a military background and their civilian counterparts. This dissertation is designed to address how this discrepancy can exist when military individuals have unlimited access to financial education. Even with this access, investors with a military background make poorer financial decisions while simultaneously claiming to have a higher level of financial satisfaction and financial knowledge. Financial education has long been associated with an individual’s desire to seek professional financial assistance and improved financial capability; however, this research would show that this is not always the case. Understanding financial capability within the military community is a valuable resource for both the leaders of the various military services and also financial advisors that work for professional full service financial firms. This research reveals the areas in which focus needs to be directed and offer solutions for both communities to take action in order to change the course for the future.

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