Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Rodney Earls


Fasting, Prayer, Sacrifice, Cross, Great Commission


Christianity | Religion


The problem identified by the researcher and addressed in this study is associated with the nature and the structure of the ministry for which the work is done. The ministry has two branches, a religious community and a philanthropic organization. This latter is actually the original one. It is composed by believers from different congregations who are united to make disciples for Christ. The problem is that communication and fellowship among ministry leaders is very slow and that negatively affects the implementation of the Great Commission. Otherwise, the purpose of this DMin Thesis Project is the improvement of the quality of action for an interdenominational ministry for Great Commission enhancement. At the heart of the project research is the intent to enhance the skills of the leaders and bring them together for the progress of the gospel. The project addresses the spiritual disciplines of fasting and prayer in the perspective of giving oneself as a living sacrifice for Great Commission effectiveness. The project was developed through training sessions, interviews, and surveys. All the investigations and efforts put together resulted on two major conclusions: (1) Fasting and prayer brings people closer to God and helps them to address their shortcomings with confidence and authority; (2) fasting and prayer develops faith, humility, anointing, resilience, holiness, self-esteem, love, charity, integrity, faithfulness, interaction, fellowship, and unity and fuel commitment of believers to ministry.

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