School of Nursing


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Kris Diggins


Telemonitoring, obesity, chronic diseases, weight management, African American adults




Obesity has become a complex public health issue among African Americans over the last few decades, due to the health risks it poses to this population. Obesity exposes African Americans to a variety of chronic diseases, including, but not limited to, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Owing to the complexity inherent in obesity, healthcare practitioners have developed various strategies and interventions to manage weight among vulnerable populations. In this regard, telemonitoring, a continuous or non-continuous process that allows medical practitioners to remotely monitor, collect, and interpret data necessary for medical follow-up and, if necessary, make medical decisions regarding the health state of a patient, has emerged as a helpful intervention in weight management. This paper is an integrative review examining the impacts of telemonitoring on weight management in African Americans. The integrative review will review the issues associated with weight management among African American adults and then undertake a literature review examining the prevalence, trends, and patterns of telemonitor weight management African American adults in the current body of literature. Additionally, the review will undertake methodological analysis by examining the literature in the context of the reliability and relevance of the data used in the studies. Overall, the review will conclusively examine the literature results and discuss the result concerning the topic of study.

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