Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Farid Awad


Leadership development, biblical discipleship, cultural diversity, church growth, spiritual maturity


Counseling | Religion


In every organization, leadership culture patterns require a constant assessment to ensure members adhere to corporate practices. In church settings, leadership culture not only creates change but also transforms ministry strategy. Often, church leaders do not perceive culture as the driving force behind effective ministry operations. At Gateway Church, the researcher encountered church growth issues that other ministries struggle with as well, from organizational structure to leadership style. These problems will continue to be a challenge unless the church reinvents an effective leadership strategy focusing on ministry development. This research aims to address the leadership development issue at Gateway Church and investigate the cause for dwindling membership by presenting a pragmatic framework remedy for the lack of commitment from a theological perspective. To achieve this, the researcher employed a system to reshape the culture of the church and call into action a strong desire to improve things across the board. The researcher has also taken a critical view of spiritual maturity and assessed its mandates for self-development. The survey portion of the study invited participation from members of the church who are at least 18 years old. The results identified some weaknesses at the leadership level that prompted a lack of interest within the organization. The findings also demand an effective strategy for leadership development that challenges current practices and focuses more on leadership culture. If successful, the outcome will help other churches facing similar problems to address them by identifying specific areas for leadership development in their ministry endeavor.