Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Darren Hercyk


evangelism, dispensationalism, gospel, Jewish, supersessionism


Christianity | Religion


Local Jewish populations within proximity of U.S. churches are perishing in their need to hear the Christian gospel. Obstacles to Jewish evangelism have festered through the centuries. Modern scholarship has held culpable the supersessionist traditions from the early church fathers and carried over to the present day. Dispensational pastors and scholars have acted on the front lines to correct this grievance. Restoration Jewish Evangelism (RJE) supplies a template of Jewish evangelism centered on a dispensational view of Romans 9—11. The goal of this project includes strengthening the parishioners’ situational awareness and self-confidence to engage in sharing the gospel of the kingdom with their Jewish neighbors. Research methods consisted of a tri-phase data collection procedure. The first phase employed an Initial Recruitment Survey and Pre-Workshop Interview. Participants openly assessed their history of faith and practice against the components of a dispensational view of Paul’s example. The second phase incorporated a curriculum entitled “An Inductive Lead to Jesus,” along with a survey designed to open the floor for a live discussion of critical topics. Expert special guests, Drs. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Michael L. Brown, et al., reinforced the curriculum. Finally, a Post-Workshop Interview gauged the event’s impact according to a baseline Workshop Thematic Analysis Form. This project intends to supply churches with a working template for local Jewish evangelism. This project will enable local churches to empower their parishioners to reject impeding theological systems to deliver the gospel message to their local Jewish populations.

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