Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Page Matthew Brooks


Theology, Apologetics, Youth Ministry, Discipleship, Young Adult Ministry, Young Adult Discipleship, Youth, Emerging Adult, Church Education, Education


Christianity | Practical Theology | Religion


This thesis seeks to answer the following question: What is an effective discipleship method for emerging adults who are already engaged in IChurch? The method chosen was multi-layered and utilized corporate discipleship which involved a classroom setting geared toward theological and doctrinal education based on Bloom-Anderson’s taxonomy of educational objectives, communal discipleship which was concerned with small group activities and peer-to-peer accountability, and personal discipleship geared toward individual spiritual formation given an edited list of Whitney’s personal spiritual disciplines. Participants were asked to take an introductory Theological examination which plotted them from analyze level to the create level of Bloom’s taxonomy, indicating that they could think Biblically at a critical level and were on their way to being able to share their knowledge with others (create). Upon passing at least to an analyze point, they then underwent a spiritual formation assessment given six of Whitney’s disciplines, and then were asked to journal their experience for four weeks. On the fifth week, they turned in their journals and took the theology exam again alongside the spiritual formation assessment. Results then were analyzed to see if this method created leaders who could disciple others.