Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Rodney Autry


godliness, spiritual formation, training, process, hindrances, 2 Timothy 4:7


Christianity | Leadership Studies | Practical Theology | Religion


The purpose of this thesis is to address a problem relating to spiritual discipleship within a group of local church men. The men of Heritage Baptist Church may not have a process for training in godliness. The thesis will supply a process for training in godliness, developed by the author and based on numerous streams of thought from the literature with regard to spiritual growth. The thesis will also illustrate hindrances to training in godliness, looking at past and current trends which have stymied spiritual growth, particularly in men. This study will suggest that current methods for training in godliness which are in use in American Christianity will not produce sufficient avenues for training in godliness and bringing men to walking in the truth. This thesis project will share the needed characteristics and suggest a model for training in godliness. Interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and reports will be utilized to assess the efficacy of the suggested model for training in godliness as practiced by around 30 men between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five. The positive results of this project (five of six results were met) in the spiritual lives of the men involved will lay a foundation for others to emphasize the need for intentional and purposeful training in godliness.