Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Seth Bible


practical, love, kindness, presence, proclamation, persuasion, decision


Christianity | Practical Theology | Religion


The problem is that members of Watchmen on the Walls Supernatural International Ministries are not having successful results when they share the gospel message locally. The purpose of this DMIN Project is to equip unisex adults and adolescent members of Watchmen on the Walls Supernatural International Ministries to conduct evangelism. The thesis project seeks to design a plan to enhance the knowledge and abilities of WWSIM members to share the gospel effectively. The design is a theoretical and practical training plan that will impact twelve participants in the classroom, on the streets, and in a coordinated outreach in one of New York city’s parks in the borough of Queens. Communities adjoining the location of WWSIM’s sanctuary will be impacted. Participants are required to do interviews and complete surveys at the end of each teaching session. This thesis project will be influential to pastors, ministry leaders, and congregants alike. One of its focuses is practical evangelism. This demonstrates that sharing the gospel is not limited to the proclamation of the message only, but any act of love and kindness that communicates the love of Jesus to recipients by helping to meet their essential needs is sharing the gospel. This requires leaders to visit their church communities. Ministry leaders who make their presence known in the community gain the confidence of the residents. This prepares the way for the proclamation of the gospel and results in the persuasion that will lead to a decision.