Education for Women’s Ministries: A Rationale for and Review of Women’s Ministries for the Beginning of the 21st Century

Monica Dawn Rose, Liberty Theological Seminary

Document Type Article

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The purpose of this project is to provide a theoretical basis for the development of programs for women in the church and Christian ministries. The author will approach this project by first defining women’s ministries as well as presenting the two predominant evangelical views of women in ministry. This project will also provide an overview of issues women encounter and the needs women have in today’s culture. After presenting a need analysis, the author will provide an overview of academic institutions training women in the field of women’s studies and/or ministries as well as curriculum being used to equip women in ministry. Research on women’s ministry directors in various denominations will be presented. The underlining thesis is to reveal the need women have to be ministered to by other women and the opportunity the church has to appoint women’s ministry directors to implement programs for women, regardless of denominational affiliation or theological perspective of a woman’s role in the church.