Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Darren Hercyk


apathy, Word-apathy, Bible-apathy, disinterest, enthusiasm, transformation




The purpose of this thesis is to encourage the reading of the Scriptures at Femme Osage Church. The project demonstrates how the Holy Spirit can use simple, daily exposure to the Scriptures to transform apathetic participants into persons enthusiastic about reading their Bibles. The thesis explores the enigmatic problem of apathy toward the Word and its causes from Christian and secular viewpoints. A review of popular methodologies used to address Bible apathy is included. This study claims that Christians fail to read the Scriptures, not because they are lazy, but because of overlooked and misunderstood obstacles that cause apathy toward the Word in the believer. Qualitative and quantitative data from Pre- and Post-Intervention interviews, weekly surveys, weekly group discussions, and a Focus Group are analyzed and reveal the impact of many obstacles, including internal conflict with the old nature, external spiritual warfare, and routine-altering events, which can confront the believer trying to engage the Scriptures. The thesis then offers a simple, straightforward approach that can be used to address these obstacles, empower the participants to more consistent engagement, and change Bible disinterest into enthusiasm for the Word of God. This methodology demonstrated a 100% retention rate, 100% of the participants experiencing movement away from apathy, and 84% realizing complete transformation from apathy to enthusiasm for the Word of God. Prayerfully working through this eight-week approach can help individual Christians and congregations awaken from Bible-apathy to Bible-enthusiasm.

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