Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Frank Schmitt

Primary Subject Area

Religion, General


The objective of this thesis is to first understand the distinctive characteristic of the cell group church, and to research the strategy of transitioning the traditional immigrant church to a healthy cell group church. The foundational concept of this thesis was brought from the early church in the New Testament, and its origin could have been found in the historical small group movement. Seoul Baptist Church of Houston and Light Mission Global Church of Washington D.C. were the model churches that were used. Surveys and interview were examined focusing on the two church’s cell group leaders and members, and it became the foundation of the analysis and the evaluations. Four ministry visions and 8 types of practical strategies were resented for the transition of the CPC to a healthy cell church. Effectiveness in these ministry visions and the strategies are cause by the help of the churches that are growing as a cell church, help of the professional research scholars of the cell churches, and most of all, it is due to the Biblical theory that took place.