Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Adam McClendon

Primary Subject Area

Religion, General


chaplain, church chaplain, ministry chaplain, minister leadership team


Arts and Humanities | Christianity


The chaplain is part of the ministry leadership team. The project aims to address the lack of a chaplain on the church ministry team, and the benefits chaplaincy adds to the ministry. Greater Faith Church lost the senior pastor to sudden death, leaving the founding bishop to serve as senior pastor. The leadership transition has caused the bishop to do most of the ministry work as the pastor. However, church ministry work is not only accomplished by the pastor. Church ministry is team leadership using all the gifts of the church. The study utilizes research methods within the church context consisting of surveys, questions, and educational training. The project uses a survey and questions of adult participants to gather initial data to formulate a training plan on the chaplaincy’s role, function, and benefits to the church ministry. The project surveys and develops a strategy for introducing a chaplain into the church ministry team. This study educates and enables congregants to understand the chaplaincy’s role, importance, and benefits to the local church ministry team. The chaplain effectively serves in healthcare, prison, military, emergency services, and global organizations. The chaplain offers technical, professional, and personal attributes to enhance the ministry’s presence in the community and effectiveness. Chaplaincy can be just as effective in church ministry. In addition, the study may be used to facilitate the usage of a chaplain in similar church ministries.

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Christianity Commons