School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Paul Rumrill

Primary Subject Area

Education, Music


elementary music education standards, music curriculum materials, nationalism, patriotic songs, patriotism, state songs


Elementary Education | Music | Music Education


Despite existing literature documenting patriotism and nationalism in education and children’s knowledge of patriotic and national songs, the impact of patriotism and nationalism in American elementary music education through patriotic and national songs has not been examined in the context of current national standards. This examination is important as knowledge of patriotism, nationalism, and patriotic and national, specifically state, songs inform individuals’ understanding of culture and national and personal identities. This study identifies educational perspectives of educational scholars, music educators, and policy makers on patriotism, nationalism, and patriotic and national songs. A qualitative design and historical approach were utilized to infer connections and influences not acknowledged previously between patriotism, nationalism, and music education. Perspectives on development, religious foundation, need for American music preservation, and interest conflicts between music education scholars and educational representatives developed as themes through examination of select literature. Existing documents, statements, and literature were examined for themes of patriotism and nationalism to demonstrate the impact in the music education curricular structure through sample lesson plans. This work is important because development of loyalty, national identity, and knowledge result from applying patriotic and nationalistic concepts, songs, and supplementary materials in music education curriculum. Due to the instability of American patriotism, this study could benefit social sciences studies to improve instructional practices. Further implications from this study include improved teaching and expanded knowledge of patriotic and national songs; designating patriotism and nationalism in music education goals, standards, and curriculum development; and developing elementary students’ patriotic and national identities.