Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Fred H. Smith

Primary Subject Area

Religion, General


Disciple, Great Commission, Disciple-making, Discipleship, Adults, Small Groups


Missions and World Christianity | Religion


This research aims to help EndTime Christ Discipling Ministries identify the root causes for low levels of adult discipleship. It supports the church’s collective construction of measurable actions that members can implement to fulfill its disciple-making mandate effectively. The literature review reveals that many churches experience this problem, identify common causes, and discuss diverse solutions that better fit churches with predominantly North American culture. However, EndTime Christ Discipling Ministries is composed of mostly African immigrants and their families, and no literature specifically addresses its immediate context. As a result, the remedies proposed to tackle the discipleship challenge are not fully applicable. The investigation’s stages included problem identification and description, data collection and analysis, findings sharing, collective construction of solutions, and the development of an action plan. The researcher used a triangulation data collection procedure that involved questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups. In addition, the investigation held a two-hour weekly training class centered on expanding participants’ understanding of the Great Commission and increasing their awareness of the critical practices needed to be meaningfully involved in its fulfillment. The research attempted to analyze ECDM’s disciple-making issue through the lens of its members’ African roots and cultures and explored how to adapt some of the discipleship practices discussed in various books. The findings are applicable to local churches with similar cultural backgrounds in the United States and beyond.