Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Mark Brown

Primary Subject Area

Religion, General


Discipleship, Role, Responsibility, Youth, Minister


Christianity | Leadership Studies


The thesis project is designed to equip the congregation at Cary’s Baptist Church to understand the role and responsibility of a youth minister. Cary’s Baptist Church is an older congregation located in Yorktown, Virginia. The congregation was established in the 1800’s and has served the community by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and serving individuals who live in the Yorktown community. Throughout the years of serving the community, the congregation has been effective in evangelism and open for youth to be a part of the congregation. However, there has been a decline in youth attendance and involvement in the Sunday worship service over several years. To help the congregation become more aware of how to address this growing problem. The researcher provided training for ten parents who attend Cary’s Baptist Church which equipped each participant on the role and responsibility of a youth ministry. The training provided biblical teaching on how a youth minister can assist with inspiring youth to become more involved in the Sunday worship service. The eight weeks of training was to invest in each participant to understand the need for a youth minister who would help inspire youth to participate in the Sunday worship service.