Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


David L. Kitchens


church, deacons, elders, discipleship, expository preaching, small groups, denominations, church leadership




The author of this thesis project aims to address the need for the deacons of Shallow Well Church to be trained in first-order doctrines of the Christian faith and the biblical church leadership model prescribed in Acts 6. With the development and implementation of the Deacon Training Manual, the deacons of Shallow Well Church will increase in the knowledge of God and rightly understand the roles of elders and deacons in the local church. Ultimately, through the training and help from God, the church will move from its current denomination which differs in doctrinal beliefs from Shallow Well Church. In addition, the church will move to a biblical leadership model with elders and deacons serving in their biblical roles. The researcher will utilize surveys and a focus group for the current Deacon Board at Shallow Well Church. The purpose of the surveys was to gauge each deacon’s knowledge of first-order Christian doctrine and the biblical leadership model. The purpose of the focus group was to receive feedback and ideas from the deacons. Churches with deacons who serve as overseers would greatly benefit from this research project.

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