Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Education in Christian Leadership (EdD)


Gary Bredfeldt


wisdom, excellence, truth, love, fractals, decision-making


Educational Leadership


This study analyzed decision-making techniques in complex environments to discover and examine fractal patterns within biblical wisdom. Employing a constructivist grounded theory approach, interviews of organizational leaders from various occupational verticals such as business leaders, pastors, missionaries, politicians, coaches, teachers, military, and law enforcement were conducted to discern their decision-making principles and methods. The significance of this research is its immense application potential. From the broader context of one’s worldview, the search for meaning, purpose, and success in one’s life journey is fundamental to the human psyche. Within motivated leaders, there is consistently a desire to do well—ultimately, to be excellent in one’s personal journey. However, a person’s destination is not determined by their desire but by their path and that path is greatly determined by the choices they make. The greatest influence one can have in impacting their destiny and achieving future success is through sound decision-making. The term and act that describes sound perspective, assessment, and decision-making is wisdom. God is the Source of wisdom. Wisdom executed consistently over time is excellence. Therefore, it could be declared that all excellence must be God’s excellence. This study explored the components of wisdom and how they correlate and attain superlative results in the decision-making process within challenging environments. The desired fruit of the study ascertained that these components can be constructed and extrapolated through the grounded theory process to produce concepts and principles for executing wise judgment in one’s life journey all to the glory of God.