Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Education in Christian Leadership (EdD)


Gary J. Bredfeldt


Senior Executive Service, Leadership, Ethical, Behavior, Worldview, Servant Leadership, Biblical Servant Leadership


Christianity | Leadership Studies


Considering the traits of biblical servant leadership, this leadership style may be ideal for the entrusted federal government positions of the Senior Executive Service (SES). The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), SES, was created by Congress to provide a government mobile cadre of managers for the federal government. These federal government employees are the backbone of the executive leadership in the federal government. The SES is mandated to respect and adhere to the fundamental principles of ethical service (behaves in an honest, fair, and ethical manner). The SES are federal government employees and are the link between a federal agency’s career employees and the politically appointed agency head. For those in the SES position, their leadership must ensure that their federal government agency is productive and efficient throughout administrations. The SES position is held to a very high ethical service standard. Since those in the SES positions lead the moral-ethical service standard for the federal government, should their leadership traits not be of a high ethical standard? Maybe biblical servant leadership? This study, which was a quantitative correlation, provides a research approach to exploring the foundational elements of biblical servant leadership and secular servant leadership and the SES role. The purpose of this quantitative correlational study was to discover the extent to which foundational elements of biblical and secular servant leadership models were identifiable in the essential leadership behaviors of the SES. The correlation design was used to determine to what extent a correlation exists between biblical servant leadership and the leadership behaviors of the SES role. The instrumentation used to measure the study variables included the Servant Leadership Scale, the Hall-Tonna Inventory of Values, and the Awareness Survey Questionnaire.